• Partnership

    We have found that there are many businesses which rely on soft plastic, however, very few have access to the proper waste stream. Through a partnership with Bags Into Beds, large amounts of plastic gets diverted from entering landfills and the brand moves a step closer towards their sustainability goals.

  • Pickup

    Every business has different needs. Depending on those needs, we create a pickup schedule and whisk the plastic away.

  • Process

    This is where the magic happens. Once the plastic is sorted and cleaned of any potential contaminants, it is broken down to the material we then use to stuff every mattress pad and pillow. 

    Interested in helping out?

  • Pillows!

    Each piece is made by hand and sewn with bonded thread in order to extend the life of the pillow. They are naturally hypoallergenic and feel like a synthetic down feather blend.

  • Deliver

    All of our products are distributed to and through our homeless shelter partners. If any ever need a repair or to be replaced, we are quick to do so. 

  • Public Cleanup

    It is very important to Bags Into Beds that we engage with and educate our Southern California community around the effects of plastic pollution. We mostly do this through our regular “Cleanup Meet-ups” where we gather in natural area and remove all litter that we come across. It’s a simple act with big community impact!